Website Marketing

fbokMarketing your company is constantly changing and never so fast as now, with an explosion of social networking sites how do you use these avenues to bring traffic and customers to your site and your products?

The marketing options available depend on your needs, for determined sites that are relying on getting the maximum amount of traffic and ensure maximum conversion rates then all three techniques should be employed, the good news is that you can scale up your marketing efforts as and when needed.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
    • SEO is important and provides medium and long term benefits to any business site, effective SEO gets your site high into the organic search engine rankings (organic is geek speak for the ones that aren't paid for)

  • PPC/PPL Paid advertising campaigns with providers such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
    • These campaigns use keywords and key phrases to display your advert when users search for those terms or visit relevant pages and you pay on a "per click" or "per lead" basis.

  • Social Marketing, interacting with potential customers on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
    • This marketing method can be the most effective and the most "fun" for both B2C sites (Business to Consumer) or B2B (Business to Business) by balancing page content between relevant and interesting content and related information that can be on the fringe of your industry or humorous in order to engage the audience. 

How can planb help?

linkedin logoplanb can help with two of these marketing avenues, Ad campaigns and SMM (Social Marketing Management)

Why not SEO? Well, with all our site designs we develop them with the foundations and basics of good SEO practice as a matter of course but SEO is a constant, complex and time consuming job that whilst important is becoming less important as more traffic is coming from social networks than traditional search engines. One will never eclipse the other and at the time of writing up to 40% of traffic is coming from social media sources rather than search engines. Google and other search engines have and are changing their algorithms regularly to combat "link farms" and sites with irrelevant content, with the last couple of Google changes, PANDA and recently the EMD (Exact Match Domain) algorithms, ranking your site highly has become an even more time consuming task as Google battles to try to get it there automatically and SEO firms have to spend more and more time and money on getting you there.

pinterest-logoWith this in mind in our opinion, unless you are a large international company the investment, both financially and in time, put into SEO is losing value and can be spent more effectively elsewhere. Google has changed its systems to benefit sites with good, relevant original content, so that what we encourage at design stage, mixed with a good foundation of a site that's SEO friendly and has good foundations this is usually enough to get you highly ranked in the organic results anyway.

PlanB have experienced and committed on-line marketers with a wealth of knowledge and can setup the best social networking sites for your business to bring in the most targeted audience.

Then deliver relevant, interesting and sometimes funny content on a daily basis to your networks to expand awareness and help keep your marketing funnel refreshed with new contacts.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

We use all the social media channels to guide people and gain targeted leads, leading to email lists, enquiries and increased conversions for your business.

So what exactly do we do?

  • Get to know your business and the type of customers and audience you are trying to reach.
  • Work with you to decide on the best social networking sites to concentrate efforts on, are you a photographer? Then forget YouTube but Flickr would be good, B2B companies should concentrate on LinkedIn etc.
  • We will setup your facebook fanpages, groups, twitter accounts, Linkedin profiles etc (if you dont have them)
  • Work with you to provide an industry specific news stream from where we can draw relevant news and articles to promote to your "fans"
  • Setup social networking tools on your website
  • If your site includes membership then we can setup a Single Sign In system so people can join your site using their facebook, linkedin or google credentials making it very quick and easy to register and login to your site.
  • Every week we will post your site pages and any relevant news to the agreed outlets
  • We will ensure no competitors stories or links appear on your networks
  • We will monitor and report to you each month the metrics for your campaigns, how many people we are reaching and all improvements
  • Its an ongoing process that needs constant attention, we take care of many SMM accounts and help many companies marketing efforts with our online marketing experts


Paid Ad Campaigns (PPC/PPL) 

trusted-store-logoFinding the correct and the best value for money search terms in order to display your ad can be a very difficult task that can cost you lots of money in ineffectively targeted ads unless undertaken by experienced professionals. We use a range of webmaster research tools to help you target the correct keywords and phrases and advise on the best campaign that suits your budget.

If you are interested in a paid ad campaign which is a great way to kick start your new business and new site then please contact us and we can work out a quote based on your exact requirements.

How much does it cost?

Setup costs €150, this includes setting up the social networking sites and installing the necessary code and website somponents to link your site and your visitors between all the networks.

Then there is a monthly €150 fee for the actual marketing when we setup research routes to get good content for your business that we can use along with your site content to start regular posts, we have a questionaire that enables us to target the audience you want to bring to your site as effectively as possible.

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